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Player Rewards Information

Player Rewards Information


Rewards points are worth one penny a point. Meaning, if you have 100 points, this equals one dollar (or one buck). 1,000 points equals ten Hustler Bucks, 10,000 points equals one hundred Hustler Bucks and so on. Rather than wondering, “What are my points worth?” Now you will see reward points represented as Bucks, or more specifically Hustler Bucks. Nothing changes to your point value. Each 100 points is still worth one dollar. We are simply making it easier for you to know the value of your account in an easier more familiar way.

Now, when you check your account at the kiosk you will see Hustler Bucks. For example; if you have 10,350 points in your account the kiosk will show that you have 103 Bucks and 50 cents available to spend.

Rewards points will expire six months after the last valid live game Rewards point is earned. To prevent your points from expiring you must receive a scan while playing in a live game once every six months.


  • Now you get the recognition you deserve.
  • Now accumulate hours of play count toward your tiered level status.
  • Now you receive more points for your play and more play for your points.


This Player Reward system was introduced January 1, 2012 and players ranking levels were adjusted automatically based on the number of hours accumulated over the previous 6 months. Every 6 months player reward levels will be calculated and may be adjusted, up or down, based on the average number of hours played over the previous six months.


Loyal players rewarded EVEN MORE!

  • Virtually every level of player receives MORE points than ever.
  • Gold level players receive 50% more reward points than Silver players.
  • Onyx players receive 50% more than Gold players.


With Hustler Bucks players can now purchase a variety of items at the casino and in Shorty’s Gift Shop.


As a Reward Card holder, earning rewards has never been easier: More play equals more Bucks! The more players earn; the more comps and offers are available to them! The power of the Reward Card will open the door to special events, parties & perks.


Players Have Total Control Of Their Rewards!

Player rewards now go through the Player Reward Card. This means players are now in control of their Comps, not staff members who may not know their level of play or interests.

Now, if players have earned the Hustler Bucks, they can have the rewards!

From dining comps to the gift shop with the reward card players have control of what they receive and when they receive it!

HUSTLER CASINO reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at anytime at its sole discretion. Must be 21 to visit casino. No purchase necessary. See floor person for complete details and rules. GAMBLING PROBLEM? CALL 1-800-GAMBLER 04.02.2012

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